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    addie’s jewelry work is an ongoing project exploring stages of transformation; swallowing, digesting, and growing out of oneself are actions found in their metamorphic work. These actions play in a larger exploration of disobedience, statelessness, and deception as a means of surviving within the consumingly repressive structures that we are born into. addie lives in Providence, RI where you can see them performing a clumsy salute to all that they admire and to what they have yet to become.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Each of my rings are one of a kind, no repeats, only siblings from a hybrid family. I often collaborate with clients on the design of the ring(s) by showing my past and current work, though some clients decide to leave the full design up to me. I sculpt the rings out of wax in my studio and then drive them out to Johnston, RI where Harrison Casting Co Inc, a family owned business, uses the lost wax technique to cast them. Then I bring them back to my studio to file, sand, and polish by hand.

    A: I'm excited by materials that mimic, deceive, and conform, while maintaining an identity of functionality. Soft metals’ malleability allows for convincing performances of vulnerable / industrial, conductive / submissive, muddy / resilient, obedient / fickle. The process of lost wax casting requires a full transformation of matter, which on its own conjures a map of curiosity. My ring work is stimulating for me because of the endless form, loops of linking, knotting, and holding.

    A: I collect both industrial and domestic objects like drains, pipes, funnels, gaskets, measuring spoons, handles, knobs, spigots and other hard/housewares, along with various baby toys and dental tools. I’m interested in these objects’ shared purpose to perform the impression of ‘access’ or ‘efficacy’, shouting ‘use me to help you!’. My collection is research for my work, a source of joy, and functions as curiosity maintenance.

    A: Every 'I Spy' book and the Seekonk Flea Market.

    A: I’m invested in learning about what clients see and feel in my work and about what I’m able to create for them within parameters we set together. When working collaboratively with the majority of my clients, they often point out a detail or ‘action’ that they’re drawn to that I haven’t yet considered exploring more, which is a helpful push for me in my own design process as well as an opportunity for clients to further connect with the piece.

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