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  • About This Artist

    Abcrete & Co. is a lifestyle and accessories brand for the bold minimalist who loves timeless pieces for everyday wear and mindful goods for the home.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Our work is inspired by the minimalist lifestyle - thinking of pieces that are lightweight, thus easy to move around the home for the ever-evolving person, muted tones to seamlessly fit in with your decor, and meaningful - pieces that have multi-uses.

    A: The mediums that we use, polymer clay, Jesmonite, and concrete, have a plethora of possibilities. They allow for us to continue expanding what we can offer, while simultaneously being timeless.

    A: Before stepping into full-time maker, I taught middle school in Washington, D.C. for 4 years.

    A: I am often inspired by the complexities of Teyana Taylor. While our designs are not inspired by her, the range in which she's able to exercise all of her gifts is remarkable, and encourages me to explore the endless possibilities of our mediums. Aesthetically speaking, there's no place that has inspired me more than Morocco. Though full of rich culture and vibrancy, I found peace in the muted tones of the architecture.

    A: While only recently owning the title of maker/creator/artist, I've always relished in how art is simply whatever we want it to be. There are no ends, just beginnings, to how art can transcend into connections, emotions, and stillness. Math is often coined as a universal language, and art is too. It is the essence of how we can form bonds without saying a word.

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