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A.Oei Studio

About The Artist

Angeline Oei • Washington, DC
Clothing & Accessories • CUSTOM COMMISSIONS

Founded by Angeline Oei, A.Oei Studio is a bespoke women's clothing line of modern classics and specialty textiles. A.Oei garments are cut on natural fibers like cotton and silk, handmade with customization options. As a self-contained atelier, Angeline creates textile patterns, sources sustainable materials, designs, drafts and sews the garment to completion, prêt à porter. Altogether this process results in a product-experience that is unique, timeless and versatile.


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Q&A with the Artist

Tell us how your work is made.

I have developed a unique end-to-end production process where I create textile patterns, design, draft customizable paper panels, cut and sew the garment to completion. My process usually starts with an artwork created through a combination of hand-sketching and digital editing before it is digitally printed onto raw cotton or silk. These printed fabrics visually tell stories and add texture to the garment. I use natural and biodegradable fibers like cotton, silk and bamboo, sourced from Japan, as they are more durable, comfortable and eco-friendly. My design approach is influenced by a culturally diverse background - from sober and conceptual Dutch fashion, Japanese draping, 90s minimalism, and New York street style to traditional Chinese dress styles. At the same time, my work is centered on the customer as we often collaborate on ideas that ultimately reflect and enhance her personal style.

What makes you passionate about the medium you work with?

My fascination with fashion started at an early age when I found myself most interested in drawing people and what they wore. I believe this interest has to do with the fact that clothing is intimately related to the body. The tactile and three-dimensional nature of clothing means that I am constantly learning how to interact with different materials, how to adjust my designs to different body types, how a garment moves in different environments, and much more. Quality and sustainability became an intrinsic part of my design approach during my fashion education in Amsterdam and my experiences designing for luxury ateliers that focused on craftsmanship and the use of natural materials. At the same time, I’ve also worked for larger companies where I had to churn out hundreds of designs in an extremely short period of time. Under an accelerated speed of production, it was simply impossible to form any kind of meaningful connection with the clothing made. As such, A.Oei Studio adopts a slow fashion approach where the garments are handmade to order with customization options. This allows me to offer personalized services, enhance a garment's uniqueness, and foster a collaborative atmosphere between the wearer and the maker.

What is something unique about you or your practice?

I started a.oei in order to develop the craft of bespoke clothing for women. Because of its traditionally longer production time, bespoke, which means “made to order for the individual”, is typically executed by tailors who specialize in suits or gowns reserved for formal/special occasions. My goal is to make bespoke more relevant and approachable for the modern woman. Through a combination of creative tailoring and sustainable design techniques, A.Oei pieces are known for their comfort, versatility and timelessness.