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  • About This Artist

    Brock Flamion grew up in Evansville, Indiana and graduated from the University of Southern Indiana with a BS in Ceramics. In 2011, he and his wife Lisa, moved to Asheville, North Carolina to open their pottery studio called 2 Hearted Studio. Brock exhibits his work nationally and the couple travel to shows and festivals selling their wares. He is a member of the Odyssey Co-op Gallery located in the River Arts District in Asheville, North Carolina.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My current body of work consists of vessels as well as hand-built wall pieces providing layers of information and complex surfaces. The surfaces contain various two-dimensional techniques including screen printing and paper resists along with iron-toned waterslide decals.

    A: I am passionate about clay and the many diverse surface treatments that can applied to ceramics. I love allowing the intrinsic qualities of the clay to be seen as well as the malleability and manipulation of the human hand.

    A: Each piece is fired 4 to 5 times with different techniques applied in between each firing. I work with many different types of clay bodies and firing processes which allows each piece to be individual and not easily replicated.

    A: My inspirations and influences expand from the historical pinups of “nose art” graffiti on WWII airplanes and Vanitas paintings to Pop art color schemes and contemporary flash tattoos and street art.

    A: I work out of Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts which is a community shared studio space that allows many different people of all ages and cultures to learn and grow with one another in the clay craft.

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